Glyn O. Phillips Hydrocolloid Research Centre at Hubei University of Technology was officially launched in October, 2010. It is a joint international research centre with the University of Wales, allowing sharing of resource, research staff and know-how. Professor Glyn O. Phillips, an internationally recognised Welsh chemist and the hydrocolloid science founder, is acting as the Chairman of the Centre. The Centre is dedicated to the research and development of industrially important hydrocolloids and international collaborations on hydrocolloid research. The current staff include five full time professors, two visiting professors, three associate professors, five lecturers and several research assistants.  The Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art instruments in the area of hydrocolloid characterization and functional evaluation.

Mission of the Centre
1. Aim to growing into a world-class hydrocolloid research centre.
2. Promote international collaborations on hydrocolloid research.
3. Provide high quality technical support and service for the hydrocolloid industry.
4. Develop natural, safe and high quality food hydrocolloids and bioactive materials.