Yapeng Fang, Male, Doctor, the distinguished professor of "Chutian Scholar Program" and the foregoer of key disciplines “Food Science and Technology” in Hubei province, the director of Glyn O.Phillips Hydrocolloid Research Center that built under the cooperation between China and the United Kingdom, located at Hubei University of Technology. Professor Fang was selected in the second batch of “One Hundred People Plan” (innovative talents) and became one of the first level candidates of “New Century High Level Talents Project” in Hubei province. He graduated from the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, SJTU (Shanghai Jiaotong University) and achieved the bachelor’s degree and the master’s degree both about macromolecule chemistry and physics in 1995-2002; he received funding from the Japan Monbukagakusho Scholarship and went to the Osaka City University for the doctor, engaging in the research of Microbial polysaccharide’s molecular characterization, solution properties, rheological behavior and gelation in 2002.In 2005,he obtained food science and health professional doctorate;Then in the funding of the European Union’s Sixth Frame Agreement Marie Curie Postdoctoral Foundation, he engaged in the postdoctoral work in the Rotterdam Unilever Food and Health Research Institute in Netherlands and researched the interactions between polysaccharide and protein, phase separation and the application in food.He was appointed as the biological polymer scientist of Unilever (permanent contract) and made the basic research and product development of SlimFast in 2006. He joined the University of Wales’s Glyn O. Phillips Hydrocolloids Research Centre and held the post of senior scientist in 2006, then he was promoted to be the associate professor of Glyndwr University in British and got the qualification of doctoral supervisor in 2009.
Pro.Fang devoted himself to the research about natural food macromolecule and hydrocolloid science for long time and published 69 papers in domestic and international important academic journals,including 60 SCI papers. The total impact factor was more than 180 and the research results were widely recognized and cited about 700 times. He took charge of 19 scientific research projects including National Science Foundation of China, European Union cooperative and other international, provincial and transverse projects and held the post of the reader of international famous journals for long-term such as Biomacromolecules, Journal of Physical Chemistry B, Food Hydrocolloids, Carbohydrate Polymers, Journal of Materials Chemistry. He was invited by international conferences to do academic reports for 10 times and succeeded in organizing the international conferences in the fields of natural food macromolecule and hydrocolloid science such as “Hydrocolloid Development Trendency” etc.
Currently, He acts as the editor of international magazine of “Food Hydrocolloids” (IF:4.280) and the standing director of Biophysical Society. He won the awards of “the Tenth Youth Science Technology” in Hubei province and IUFoST(International Union of Food Science and Technology) "Young Scientist Excellence Awards" in the year of 2012.